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Joomla 1.5 翻譯: 為你的網站下載語言包

語言: Afrikaans (af-ZA)

語言: Albanian (sq-AL)

語言: Arabic Unitag (ar-AA)

語言: Bosnian (bs-BA)

語言: Bulgarian (bg-BG)

語言: Catalan (ca-ES)

語言: Croatian (hr-HR)

語言: Czech (cs-CZ)

語言: Danish (da-DK)

語言: Dari (fa-AF)

語言: Dutch (nl-NL)

語言: English, Australia (en-AU)

語言: English, USA (en-US)

語言: Esperanto (eo-XX)

語言: Estonian (et-EE)

語言: French (fr-FR)

語言: German (de-DE)

語言: Hebrew (he-IL)

語言: Hungarian (hu-HU)

語言: Indonesian, Bahasa Indonesia (id-ID)

語言: Khmer (km-KH)

語言: Laotian (lo-LA)

語言: Latvian (lv-LV)

語言: Macedonian (mk-MK)

語言: Mongolian (mn-MN)

語言: Norwegian Bokmål (nb-NO)

語言: Persian Farsi (fa-IR)

語言: Polish (pl-PL)

語言: Portuguese, Brazil (pt-BR)

語言: Portuguese, Portugal (pt-PT)

語言: Romanian (ro-RO)

語言: Russian (ru-RU)

語言: Slovak (sk-SK)

語言: Slovenian (sl-SI)

語言: Spanish (es-ES)

語言: Swedish (sv-SE)

語言: Tamil, India (ta-IN)

語言: Thai (th-TH)

語言: Turkish (tr-TR)

語言: Ukrainian (uk-UA)