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Review the Getting Started with Joomla! documentation for a quick introduction or visit the Joomla! 4.x Installation forum with any questions you have. You may also visit the General Questions Forum for Joomla! 4.x if you have other questions about Joomla.
Yes! Download the version of Joomla! that you want to use, unpack the files locally and then upload them to your account directly using FTP. You'll also need to create a database for your Joomla site. Once you've uploaded the files and created the database, visiting your site will take you to the Joomla installation page and you can begin the install process. The installing Joomla documentation page provides detailed installation instructions.

您可以找到主机公司,在世界各地提供Joomla! 托管服务。 Joomla! 项目也是由提供专业的 Joomla! 网络主机的公司赞助。

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Joomla! is available in over 75 languages. Browse the available Joomla! language packages and incorporate the languages that you need into your site.
You can customise Joomla! by installing extensions to add new features to your site or to change its look and appearance. There are more than 8,000 extensions available from members of the Joomla! community ready for you to download from the Joomla! Extensions Directory.
Legacy versions of Joomla! are available in the Downloads section of this site.
文件的签名,也被称为校验和,就像指纹。这些签名是由 Joomla!发布团队在新版本发布时生成的,可以用来验证下载文件的完整性,帮助你确保它没有被以任何方式改变。从Joomla!3.9开始,在你的网站内安装核心和扩展更新时,这些签名也会被验证。